Hazardous substance commissioner

A Dangerous Substance commissioner is an expert person determined by the management of an organization who, in an advisory capacity, records and assesses the hazards involved in handling hazardous substances; as well as - if in a line function settled - for the instructions of the co-workers can be active. This representative function is by no means to be confused with the assignment of a dangerous goods commissioner.

The external appointment of a hazardous materials officer does not make sense.

A Hazardous Substance commissioner will look after and assist all personnel involved in handling hazardous substances in any matter of personal protective equipment selection and handling of hazardous substances. This also applies in particular to cooperation with external companies.
A Hazardous Substance commissioner is a specifically trained Safety Warden and cooperates with the Occupational Safety and Occupational Safety Officer and the Environmental Protection Officer.

It is therefore sustainable to train an internal, authorized person as a hazardous substances commissioner

The Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV,) explicitly requires an expert person for the risk assessment in dealing with hazardous substances, although not all the required tasks are mapped precisely. According to § 6 GefStoffV, an employer has to determine whether employees are carrying out activities involving hazardous substances; whether hazardous substances are released during the activity or interactions occur and thus exposures are possible.
If an employer does not have the necessary knowledge to compile and evaluate a risk assessment with the measures to be derived from it, he is obliged to seek expert assistance.

This task can only be performed by a competent person, therefore a specialist in occupational safety. This is not the job of a hazardous materials commissioner . A specialist for occupational safety is specifically trained to prepare a risk assessment. This comprehensive task can not be sufficiently equated with advanced training in the handling of hazardous substances.


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