Fire Prevention Representative

An explicit liability for companies to appoint a fire protection commissioner can not be derived from the ArbSchG. It is incumbent upon the responsible company to provide the preventive and technical fire protection measures necessary for safety in operation, as determined from the risk assessment.
It is more about the tasks of a "specialist in fire protection"; it should be noted that there are country-specific differences, e.g. the guideline on the structural fire protection in the industrial construction (sample industrial building guideline - MIndBauRL) as well as conditions relevant to property insurance.
The appointment of a fire safety officer for the duties of preventive fire protection, especially in companies with a higher risk, is required by the employers' liability insurance associations or possibly by the property insurers.




  • Support and consulting of the company management in the area of preventive fire protection
  • Determination of fire and explosion hazards
  • Operational fire protection measures
  • Elimination of fire protection defects
  • Maintenance / maintenance management of fire protection equipment
  • Cooperation with fire authorities, property insurers and fire brigades
  • Creation of fire protection plans or fire protection regulations
  • Setting up the firefighting and alarm plan
  • Organization of fire safety checks and monitoring their effectiveness
  • Training of staff, e.g. as fire protection helpers, evacuation helpers u.a.


There is currently no explicit provision in BGI 847. In analogy to the occupational safety specialist, a staff position is recommended. An external appointment as Fire Protection Officer in a impartiell staff position in direct assignment of the company management is not regulated and therefore permissible.

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