Waste and Recycling Officer

For which Organisations waste management officer are to be ordered, is determined in §§ 59, 60 of the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz - KrWG, Unless an individual administrative decision is made.
A waste management officer is acc. AbfBetrBV (Abfallbetriebsbeauftragten-Verordnung), to be ordered in writing and the tasks to be defined must be precisely defined. An determination of a appointed person duties must be notified to the competent authority.



Duties according to § 60 KrWG

  • Monitoring of waste from its formation or delivery until its recovery or disposal (§ 60 (1) no. 1 KrWG)
  • Monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, conditions and conditions (§ 60 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 KrWG)
  • Regular monitoring of the plant and its facilities (§ 60 (1) no. 2 KrW- / AbfG)
  • Informing the employees about harmful environmental effects which may emanate from the waste (§ 60 para. 1 sentence 3 KrWG).
  • Encourage the development and introduction of environmentally friendly non-hazardous waste disposal / disposal procedures and their assessment
  • Improvement of the disposal procedure (§ 60 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 KrWG)
  • Preparation of an annual report on the measures taken and intended (§ 60 (2) KrWG)


There is currently no explicit provision in the KrWG. There is a line position, e.g. recommended as company manager. An external order, as a waste officer in simultaneous order as Immissionsschutz-, incident or water commissioner in a staff department in direct allocation of company management, gem. § 5 of the 5th BImSchV with the consent of the competent authority. With the amendment of the AbfBetrbV (December 2016), according to § 2 AbfBetrbV, in-house waste managers are to be appointed for operators of certain plants. According to § 5 AbfBetrbV, external commissioning can only be permitted on request by the competent authority.


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