Internal Audits

Our QHSE auditors provide you with a wide range of experience in order to carry out internal audits to review your management system.

We examine the conformity and effectiveness of your individual or integrated management system according to the audit program. The annual repetition of the internal audit serves to maintain, monitor and improve your applied standard.
Our specialists will show you optimization potential that will enable your organization to prepare optimally for the certification audits.
Internal audits / first party audits can certainly be considered as a "stress test", ie as a preparation for an actual certification.

Performing your internal audits with our "external" QHSE auditors is beneficial to your organization for several reasons

  • Your respective management officers are too closely involved and audit your own applications (operational blindness) or yours
  • Your management system is new and possibly insufficiently staffed or missing training / shortage of skilled workers)
  • Your internal auditors currently have extensive knowledge of the standard used (transition / multi-site changes, new agents)
  • A certification change should be sought, or an important customer audit is imminent


Internal audits can only be carried out in a sustainable relationship of trust. Please understand that we do not represent customer references. Setting up a comprehensive audit program requires a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which is why we do not disclose our European and international clients.

Our auditors are invariably experienced as accredited lead auditors for various certifications worldwide and can provide valuable assistance in running their internal audit programs.

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