Data Protection Compliance

Organizations that process personal data automatically have to appoint a data protection officer. Similarly, if personal information is collected, processed or used in other ways.

On May 25th .this year the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) detemed into force. For companies, it is important to evaluate to what extent the existing processes and processes for the processing of personal data meet the requirements of the European EU GDPR

Our Services for conformity to GDPR


An evaluation of the potential for improvement and the necessary adaptation to the new General Data Protection Regulation of your data protection organization avoids possible organizational negligence towards compliance with new or amended legal provisions.

The requirements of the DSGVO can be meaningfully integrated into existing management systems.

Process features and methods, such as from personnel management or quality management to ISO 9001, can be adapted and integrated in a combined Q, H & S or QHSE management System.


QHSE compliance

QHSE Compliance Division Europe

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