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To fulfill legally binding appointed functions e.g. In the field of occupational health and safety and for individual environmental protection areas, companies are legally obliged to determin one or more appointed persons.

Our services binding appointed functions

  • environmental protection
    Immission-Protection acc. IED Directive
    Water protection acc. WHG
    Waste Ordinance acc. KrWG
    multi-site representative
  • occupational safety
    occupational safety specialist
  • fire prevention officer
  • dangerous good officer
    acc. ADR road
  • data protection officer

Internal training or external commisioning?

Depending on the size of the company or in a combination of different legaly determination of appointed persons, it may not always make sense to retrain internal specialists or managers. If, according to DGUV's Regulation of Safety supervision, the total number of demanded hours of supervision per year is considerably less than 1560 hours - and no further potential legally appoindet supervsion for a suitable employee have to be mapped, it makes sense to make use of our external services

If it is not possible or desirable to hire a new employee or to train a suitably qualified internal specialist for one or more assignments, we will provide you with external contractors.
Even in the event of gaps caused by fluctuation, retirement or the training of a designated employee, we can bridge your need for external representatives.

Please note that an external assignment is not always permitted or not sustainable. For example, appointed persons for Recycling and Disposal companys or radiation protection officers may not be appointed as external representatives.
On the other hand, some external hired officer, e. g. pollution control or IED commissioners require an official application to the authority.

Our experts are at your disposal to determine the required supervision time of representatives or multiple orders in combination with other legal obligations. Please arrange a detailed appointment with our experts

Calculation of the operating times of environmentally relevant orders

In order to determine the operating time for an external environmental supervision for your company, we need the following information:

  • NACE code
  • Number of employees
  • Number of sites
  • Any accredited certifications that may be available (EMAS or ISO 14001)
  • Area of responsibility (immission, waste, etc.)
  • Aspects; type of plant requiring approval (4th BimSchV, IED, accidentV)
  • Number of waste types (ASN and ASN*) or emission sources (waste water or exhaust air streams)

Information on determining the supervision times

In order to determine the operating times of environmental officers, such as pollution control, waste water control, hazardous incidents, dangerous goods, or as group officers, the vdsi guideline 2/2003 "Determination of operating times of specialists for environmental protection and environmental management"applies.

In the field of occupational health and safety, it is possible to precisely determine the working times of the occupational health and safety specialists and the occupational physician's assistance. In the area of environmental protection supervision, the necessary working hours are to be determined more problematically, especially in the case of multiple commissions, e. g. pollution control and water protection commissions. However, the verification of a plausible determination is an audit criterion in an environmental audit according to ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Assessment of the annual operating times for environmental officers.

The amount of the operating times of environmental support assignments to be determined depends on the following criteria

  • Company risk classification
    NACE code, plants requiring approval in accordance with BImSchG or VAwS
  • Area of mandate
    one assignment or multiple assignment with other areas
  • Excellence orientation
    are there already environmentally relevant certifications e.g. EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or other
  • Single or multi-site organisation
    in case of several sites, please indicate the locations
  • Number of aspects
    e.g. number of emission sources, waste codes, dangerous goods classes etc.
  • Workforce
    for the site-managment, please indicate the number of employees at each site
Operating time calculation for an external dangerous goods officer

The assessment of the annual deployment times for Dangerous Goods Officers is analogous to the determination of an environmental commission. The amount of deployment time of assignments for dangerous goods-relevant support depends on the following criteria:

  • Risk classification of the company
    NACE code
  • Commissioning area
    single  a commissioning or multiple-engagement with other appointed applications
  • Excellence Orientation
    Environmental certifications already exist according to EMAS or ISO 14001, 50001
  • Single or multi-site organization
    if there are several sites, please specify locations of the sites
  • Number of aspects
    Number of dangerous goods classes, annual quantities
  •  Number of workforce
    If there are several branches, please indicate the respective number of employees involved in dangerous goods activities

In occupational safety and health, the working hours of the occupational safety specialists and the occupational health service can be precisely determined by the requirements of the employers' liability insurance associations. In the field of hazardous goods or environmental protection, the necessary working hours, in particular for multiple orders, e.g. Pollution Control and Dangerous Goods Commissioner to identify more problematic. However, the proof of a plausible investigation is certainly a point of discussion in the case of an official dispute or an audit criterion in an environmental audit according to ISO 14001 or EMAS, or occupational health and safety audit according to ISO 45001.

Below you will find additional information on the duties, qualifications and company position of various appointed persons for legal required supervision


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