Recycling and Disposal Recognition for Waste Company

The requirements for a waste disposal specialist arise from the waste-Treatment regulations of the federal Republic of Germany and their subsidary regulations,  called EfB. EfB certification can be obtained by companies that collect, recover, treat, treat or eliminate waste.


EFB certification is increasingly required in the waste industry for public tenders and customer specifications. In addition, certified waste disposal companies use advantages in the provision of evidence as well as permits, notifications and approvals.

The EFB requirements refer to EfB-V on the following areas:


  • Business organization
  • Approval status, conformity status
  • Reliability of the farmer
  • Reliability of responsible persons
  • Education and training of the responsible persons
  • Operating log
  • Volume flow balance
  • Commissioning of third parties

For EfB certification, multi-site organizations do not allow matrix certification. That Each of your sites is to be examined by a accredited Technical Inspection Body.



Amendments in the EfB-Regulation

As of 01.06.2017, the amended Efb-V will come into force for certifications for waste disposal companies. The requirements for monitoring waste disposal companies are being specified or expanded in places.

preliminary examination
Before an application for approval for a supervision contract between a waste management company and a certified body CB can be submitted to an approval authority, a preliminary examination is required. The contents of this preliminary examination are limited to the essential requirements of the EfbV:
Business organization
licensing situation
Reliability and expertise of the owner and the responsible person
This examination can be carried out by a TÜO expert as an off-site document check as well as on site. The result will be recorded in writing and will be submitted to the approval authority together with the usual documents.

Any fines or penalties that affect the reliability of the responsible persons are now only taken into account within the last five years

insurance cover
It is now explicitly required an environmental damage insurance.
In addition to the already well-known occupational and environmental liability insurance policies; and for collectors and carriers additionally the motor vehicle liability insurance, this new environmental damage insurance is required

uniform certificates
The regulation (Annex 3) now explicitly defines the form and content of the certificates.
This layout of the certificates is to be used from 01.06.2017. Decisive for the standardization of the EfB-V certificate is the implementation of an electronic register for certified waste disposal companies, which should be set up by the federal states on 01.06.2018.
In addition, a certificate is limited to:

  • certain types of waste
  • at certain activities, at all locations
  • at certain locations, on all activities carried out there

partial certification
For partial certification of establishments, the autonomy of the operating part must be ensured. For this purpose, the EfB-V is concretized at these points, in the form that the considered part of the operation as a sole disposal specialist is certified and can be found to other parts of the company no indication of non-compliance with legal regulations.

unannounced audits
According to the amended ordinance, organizational measures should be introduced by the Technical Inspection Organization, which allows unannounced audits to be carried out. The number of unannounced audits for a particular location is not specified if an appropriate review by a CB is to be guaranteed.

change of assessors
After five years at the latest, the regulation provides for the replacement of an auditor. There is no need to change the CB. It is therefore the task of a certification body to hold sufficiently qualified auditors in the sense of the EfB-V.


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