External QHSE - Management 

Outsourcing of QHSE, HSE, H&S Management-Systems

Outsourcing of an implementated Q, HS, E management system,  or outsourcing including an additionally integrated non-ISO system like e.g. SQAS, EfB-V or CENELEC etc. are increasing trends in all sizes of companies. The clearly identified lack of excellently trained QHSE specialists leads to increasing outsourcing of these services to external service providers.

Advantages of external QHSE commissioning:

• Updating the documentation and process descriptions of the assigned management systems
• Organization and dissemination of monitoring and certification audits
• Preparation of management reviews
• Moderation and internal audit execution, audit program maintenance
• Audit appointments and programs can be harmonized with those involved in the ISO and non-ISO standards and certification bodies.

Of course, the responsibility for the individual management system remains with the organization management and / or operator responsibility. An external mapping of these tasks leads to a reduction in operational blindness. New impulses as well as solutions for your organization are converted directly to your advantage by the many years of cross-industry experience of our QHSE specialists.

The external assignment to manage a QHSE management also means to represent an extraordinary basis of trust. Therefore, a service manager should be chosen who can cover an assignment with a fully qualified person.


QHSE outsourcing advantages with the QHSE compliance Division
  • An organization will be provided with a specialized manager who can and is expected to serve any required aspects (sometimes regulatory approvals are required *). This means that your specialists and executives do not constantly have to deal with several and also with changing advisers and supervisors. An appointment proliferation is excluded.
    * Some external assignments are explicitly only feasible with regulatory approval (such as waste management or incident management for IED facilities).

  • Audit appointments and programs can be harmonized with stakeholders of ISO and non-ISO standards and certification bodies. A variety of appointments by several part-qualified representatives of a service provider are thus avoided, which significantly reduces the costs of management and certification.

  • Our QHSE compliance specialists are permanent employees and are obliged to maintain secrecy.
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