Environmental Protection Compliance

The environmental engineers of our QHSE compliance division offer a wide range of services for compliant environmental protection and energy management throughout Germany. Depending on the specific rules and regulations of our European neighbours, companies and their branches can be supported in site management within Europe in the areas of pollution control, closed-loop recycling management, water protection, the energy and hazardous materials industries as well as in the overall QHSE management.

In doing so, the required services are tailored specifically to the respective regulatory requirements of the industry (e. g. food industry, argar economy, plant engineering, chemical industry, metal production, etc.) as well as to the requirements of EU standards, e. g., the requirements of the IED Directive, Water Framework Directive, etc. or legislation (BImSchG, KrWG, AwSV, etc.), where applicable, coordinated with local government regulations of a European branch of the organisation.


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