Safety and quality assessment system for logistics providers

Companies in the chemical industry have their logistics service providers use a CEFIC safety and quality assurance system (SQAS) to assess their safety, quality and environmental standards (see also website cefic.org under search term sqas)

SQAS assessments are performed by CEFIC accredited independent certification bodies using a unified assessment procedure. The results of these assessments are stored in a central database of the CEFIC and are accessible to registered chemical and transport companies. This allows clients to find out about the validity of the SQAS assessment of a logistics provider.
In the land logistics chain, SQAS is an assessment system for road transport companies, intermodal and terminal operators, rolling stock operators, maintenance workshops, packaging goods warehouses and tank cleaning stations.

Simplifications in the transmission of elements from an existing management system, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 are possible.

In addition to the implementation of an SQAS system, we also provide your logistics company with additional services. For combinations in the field of ordering a dangerous goods officer, a specialist for occupational safety or the (in-house) EU bbs driver training, please arrange a detailed appointment with our experts.

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