QHSE Compliance

Compliance, that means Conformity with the applicable regulations, is today a constantly evolving and already became a process with its own (internal) dynamics.

For local businesses as well as for a global player, a sustainable conformity system means:

     Recognition of system deviations
     Avoiding accidents at work
     Avoidance of potential organizational negligence
     Protection of the company image
     Avoidance of skills shortage due to fluctuation
     Effectiveness as an attractive employer
     Conformance to certification requirements


Tailorised conformity for your organization

The QHSE Compliance Division offers comprehensive "external support" and regulatory compliance in the disciplines of environmental protection, health prevention and comprehensive occupational safety and health for your company.

With our basic package, start-ups, businesses or even multi-site organizations receive the coordinated service package, which is basically necessary.
Future management implementations or operational measures such as BBS, TPM, are already considered interface-compatible. After all, this is our specialty.

Our services are subdivided into different service modules that can be interfaced compatible with potentially future projects


• Compliance Check - Actual / Targeted Analyzes
• Organizational Planning
• Hazardous Materials Management
• work aids and documentation
• Seminars and training
• Occupational safety specialists
• Occupational medical service
• risk prevention officer
• Fire Protection Officer
• Environmental Protection Officer (pollution control / water protection / waste)


Advanced Management Process Outsourcing

Environmental Management ISO 14001 / EMAS
Occupational safety management ISO 45001
• Health-Management BGM
combined systems; QHSE, HSE, H & S
behavior based safety


QHSE Compliance

QHSE Compliance Division Europe

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